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Name server help

I have a Windows server 2016 with IIS/DNS and Active directory.


I already configured IIS and router. I can see my web page with my IP address.


I am new at setting a goDaddy namserver/etc.. with my Windows 16 server.


Can someone please point to a document or give me some steps as to what I need to do?

Do I need to set my DNS on windows server 16?


Thank you


Helper V



Can you please explain why you require GoDaddy nameservers?, etc...

I believe you want to run your own Web server and you're also trying to configure DNS...

What you must do is configure Web server with an IP address...

After configuring DNS servers!, allow your DNS servers to propagate...,2-1071.html

Are you using any Third-Party DNS provider?, or you want to have your own DNS...

The DNS servers will do the magic!, and point to your IP address...

What you must do is enter your DNS details in GoDaddy!, and that should work...

Running and managing servers is a complex and expensive job...

Maybe you must try VPS or dedicated servers...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Thank you for the help.

My web site is working fine with my external IP address: (I'll have to fix SSL)

I want to use my domain name with my external IP address.


The IP address is from Comcast so I will have to assume that I need the nameserver from Comcast. 





Is your IP address static?, or dynamic...

The server must always be powered up!, and IP address must be static...

Create A record for your domain!, and point it to your IP address;

----->, A record

Don't change the NS records!, just add the A record...

Your ISP must also allow HTTP traffic to you...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

My external IP is static. I pay Comcast extra to keep this IP static.


Yes my intranet server is always up and running.


1. On godaddy I need to create an "A record" for my domain name?  "A record" that is pointing to my IP address"

2. Do not change the NS records. So I can use the GoDaddy NS that is already there.

3. So not only do I allow HTTPS on port 443 but I also need to open the HTTP port 80?


Is this correct?


Thank you



----->Step 1, Correct...

----->Step 2, Correct...

----->Step 3;

There are a few ISP's who block HTTP and HTTPS traffic to residential customers...

Speak to your ISP about this!, and they will guide you...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

The steps that I got from you are working.


I am getting a certificate error and I will need to work with SSL now.


This is the error that I am getting

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to Peer’s Certificate has been revoked. Error code: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Learn more…

Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites



Happy that the steps are working!, The DNS records look good...

Please follow the instructions at below URL to see if we can resolve this issue...


Looking forward to hear from you...




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

I got the certificate working. I am new at all this and just learning what to do.


On my router I had to open port 80 HTTP and port HTTPS and point the external IP to the Internal IP.

On IIS I had to create 2 bindings. One for HTTP port 80 and the other HTTPS port 443 with the certificate.

My website is working now with



Do you know why I required port 80 HTTP and port 443 HTTPS for the web site to work?

If I remove port 80 or port 443 I am not able to load the page.


I am under the impression that port 80 HTTP is not secure and we should only have port 443 HTTPS open. Is this correct?


Thank you for your help




Of-course having HTTPS connection will create a positive impact...

The thing is we can't expect every customer to know that he/she must enter HTTPS in the browser instead of HTTP...

Redirecting all HTTP requests to HTTPS might be a good idea...

Please check the above URL to configure redirecting...


Thank you




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Thank you for all your help.

I am getting some intrusions on port 80 HTTP. 

I added a policy to my router and that is now working