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Multiple sites on Deluxe Linux Plan

Hello. I can not get two websites working on my Deluxe plan. When I try to start up the second wordpress after installing it can not complete the URL loading.


I was told by support that I did the set up correct and it would take a couple hours for everything to sort itself out. It has been over a day and still no site access. I had 0 problems on my first wordpress site.


Any thoughts??


HI rebeccawine,

   There are many potential causes that could effect a wordpress installation. It may be that your domains DNS will need to be updated or the wordpress has been installed in a wrong directory. It is also possible the domain was not set properly as an add-on domain or maybe as simple as a bad network cache preventing your network from resolving the URL properly.  This may need another review by our hosting support team. Please feel free to reach out to our representatives at a time of your convenience so that we may further research this issue.  If you would like to leave further details in a reply I may be able to gather some additional information for you.


Best wishes,


Hello TechFly.


What additional details do you need from me to help solve this issue? I was able to set up my first GoDaddy website on my own with 0 problems, but for some reason this doesn't want to work.

I have a deluxe account on Godaddy, also i have domain. I just want to know Can I run two websites in one hosting plan?. eg: and

The other domain is in Hostgater. Can I transfers it to go daddy and  link to my hosting plan as a multiple domains?

If can, Please give me the instructions..

Thank you