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Moving website from one domain to another

So I have two active domains under my account.  The first domain holds my current active website that was built on Adobe Muse and I wish de-commissioning the website (not the domain).  The second domain is hosting my new and improved Wordpress site  Both are currently active and live.   I know I could just redirect the old site to the new one, but then my address bar will say seitech instead of seitechnologies.  Is there a procedure as to where I can replace the site hosted in my seitechnologies domain with the new site held in seitech?  I do not need to have seitech as an active website if I can have seitechnologies be the source for my new wordpress built site.  Hope that makes sense.  any documentation or guide would be appreciated

Helper VI

Hello @SEITech


From what I see the is redirected to so the first thing that you have to do is to remove that redirect.


Second thing you have to do is to associate your domain with the hosting folder where you have the new website. How to do it, depends on what hosting plan you have, and which domain is the main domain on your hosting plan, so it would be better to contact customer support for that operation.


The third thing is to change your domain inside your WordPress installation here


Good luck.


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