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Moving Domains, from an expired hosting package to a new package?

My previous hosting package has expired, a while ago 


I've recently purchased a new package on the same account and added in my domains which were connected to the previous package via the cpanel.


I haven't changed anything else but it doesn't seem to be working... i assume the domains are still connected to the old package.


Please advise how i can resolve this issue, need to get my emails back working

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Hi @lgnuk,

you say your previous hosting expired a while ago? How long is a while? There is a very narrow window where support can rescue files on an expired site, after which those files are gone and written over by another site, if on shared hosting. To guard against services expiring, please use auto renew or at the very least, regular system backups. I'm sorry to say, but your files are most likely lost. Contact support just in case there is a solution though, as you don't say how long ago 'a while' is. 


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Hi @lgnuk,

your emails are files....

Also all programs are files, including you email program. I'm afraid it looks like you will have to start from scratch again. 

Please though have a quick chat with support to see if there is anything they can do to make the work easier... sorry!

Sorry If im not being clear,


im not fussed about my previous emails, ive re-setup my domains on the new hosting package, re-added the email accounts but its not working - its like my domain name is still connected to the old package, which has expired, so www and emails aren't working

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Hi @lgnuk,

the truth is is that without access to your site files it's impossible to see what's going wrong, support do have access. 

This is the job of a webmaster and obviously with inside information and privileges it makes some folk look smarter than they really are, and folk who are smarter look dumber!!

So unless forum members actually trust pro members to access their sites more, there will just be more of the 'canned' "chat with support" and more time wasted.....




Thanks for the response - I'm not bothered about the files.  it expired nearly 3 weeks ago


I just need to get the emails working again.