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Large files break when downloading

I have a lot of complaints that large files on my site of about 42Meg do not download. The problem is intermittent with the file downloading fully then next time failing to download.  The files most often stop downloading when it is part way complete.  My account is hosted on an old linux platform the tech support did not have a name for. 


This is a problem other people have asked but no solution has been presented.  Is there a way to increase the wait time in case of a download connection break? 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @GoHello, how are you trying to download the content?  Through FTP or the file manager?  Have you tested the download from another network connection to see if the download completes without issue that way?  



The files are downloaded through the standard http:// and https:// using a web browser. The download has been tested from many different logon points in the US and internationally. The same result. The download intermittently breaks before it is complete. 


I have been told large files can not be downloaded from the godaddy servers and I need a 

Content Delivery Network (CDN). Does godaddy offer any CDN service or do I need to get a different company for that? 

You can download large files from our servers, just as you can upload them, however you'd typically want to use an FTP connection for such files as it's designed for that type of load.  I'd suggest connecting to your hosting through an FTP client instead of via HTTP and trying to download the files that way.  



OK, I have a large (2.2GB) PDF file on my Linux Deluxe hosting website that I need to allow a few people to download.


When accessing it via HTTP, it downloads for a while and gives an error "the Network Connection was lost".  (This is true in Safari & Chrome) in different locations.


I could create a fake user and give people a URL with that username/password (which sucks), but I really want anonymous ftp access (read only)  - since your http server fails.


Or, can you just give me what I am paying for and have an http server that doesn't epic fail?