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Jio Network issue no server access but no support or refund

One month after the renewal of the Linux shared web hosting plan to Go-daddy sever frequently rejecting requests from all Jio networks and the website was not working from Jio. After repeated complains GoDaddy and raising tickets after tickets and phone calls technical team asked me to change my ISP from Jio as such the website is personal to me, they don't care if the Jio users can access or not! i raises the refund request after 1 month 2 days but GoDaddy refused and only suggested I need to tell my customers to shift their ISP from Jio to other. Now i have to take serious legal stem against the company.


Hi @tapasroy, thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with your ISP.

Based on your message, it sounds like GoDaddy did review this. It sounds like the issue is with the ISP. The only reason GoDaddy would block access from specific IPs is if there was a malicious attack coming from the IP address.

I would suggest that you continue working with your ISP for more information if you are not able to access your site.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Not at all dear, Godaddy sever is not secure at all, my site was hacked before under GoDaddy secure! The problem is that poor quality IT professionals working in Godaday India and cannot produce any practical solution, they don't want to learn from their mistakes.The stuffs are so dumb,suggests to change the ISP and the people are using Jio network across the country should change to visit my website!" I have already migrated my host to a small new company but ensures quality service at half of the price of GoDaddy along with SSL certificate.

I will never recommend none of the Indians to think about GoDaddy.

This is not ISP problem as with the same ISP i am able to use the cpanel of other hosting provider. i do not know why godaddy is not paying attention to this simple issue, which can be easily fixed from server side

I have the same problem. I have a couple of sites(my clients' sites too) using godaddy hosting. Worked well with Jio for a year or so but the issue started recently. Godaddy support never wanted to help by asking me to switch my ISP or clear browser cookies/cache/histories or try in different browsers. Those options will never work. It looks like Godaddy doesn't like Jio at all. So we are only left with the option to either use Jio or Godaddy. They can't go hand in hand. I have waited them to resolve this issue for many weeks now and it doesn't happen at all. So moving my hosting to other better providers if i can't afford to change my ISP. 

Same problem I am facing from last 3 days, not getting proper responses every time they said like there is a problem with your internet connection only. All people who are having jio networks only they are not able to get responses.  


Yes I am having the same problem! Pls do something, i now cannot afford other isp after renewing the host for three years!