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How to reduce my server response time

I'm having a serious problem with my blog page speed. The site usually load in 3 seconds but yesterday and today, i noticed that it loads in 13 seconds which is really annoying.

When i check google page speed insights, it says i should reduce server response time.

See the uploaded picture.

google page speed.png

I really need a solution to this please.

My url is

Any help will be appreciated.


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Re: How to reduce my server response time



Could have been network or sever issues at the time.  I just ran a report and you get an A and your page loaded in 3.7 seconds.


Unless you are on your own server or a VPS, you have little control over server performance.  In a shared hosting environment all you can do is address the issues that are in your control to control (such as the issues noted in the report link above) -- and that may help to enhance server performance.


HTH! 😉

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Re: How to reduce my server response time

Thanks. I had some nasty plugins installed and were consuming my bandwidth. I had to get rid of all of them. Now my site loads at 1.44 seconds which is a great improvement.

Re: How to reduce my server response time

Which "nasty" plugins were causing the issues? I'd like to avoid these as well 🙂

Re: How to reduce my server response time

Optimize your database by rewriting your queries, using indexes, changing your schema
Check your hosting and web server carefully - you need to have sufficient resources to handle your traffic.

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Re: How to reduce my server response time

Hi All,

I have the same problem with server response with GoDaddy in particular the mobile response on PageSpeed Insights is low with the only issue, server response, at 4.2 seconds. I have a wordpress site amongst others on Godaddy and have several sites on SiteGround one of which 'mirrors' the one here. The server response there is around 0.3 seconds and quality from Google high on both mobile and desktop. The response from GoDaddy is simply too slow. However you can check your code etc. is minified and enable compression and caching in your .htaccess file. If allowed I will post my htaccess file for you to try to see if that helps.

cheers Roy.

Re: How to reduce my server response time

I'm dealing with the same problem. I work with Wordpress...

Ultimate Hosting (Linux)

  • 2 CPU
  • 1,024 MB RAM
  • 250,000 files
  • 6 domains

Same results on my websites:

"Reduce server response Time
In the test, your server responded in 3.5 seconds.
There are many factors that can slow down the server's response time. Read our recommendations to find out how you can monitor and measure where the server is investing most of the time."


I want to know if I change my plan to Wordpress hosting, Could that solve the problem?

Re: How to reduce my server response time

I'm having a similar issue... and I'm only hosting a single domain.


  • 2 CPU
  • 2,048 MB RAM

I've seen everything from .48 second up to 10 seconds.


I've also noticed that when I run PageSpeed twice on the same page, the second time in each test the problem disappears. Something is funky and not right.