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Google Links to a Different Site When I Do a Search for Mine.

Hello Community.


I've never used this area of Go Daddy before so I apologize if I've put this question in the wrong area. I host my fathers business web site here on Go Daddy and recently there has been a problem when doing a search for it on Google, Yahoo, etc... The name of the business is Stuffers Antiques. When I search for it on a search engine, I get a site for an on line pharmacy under when I click the link instead of my father business site. His site is still there though. If I copy the domain address and paste it in to a new tab in the browser, I get the proper site.


Any help with this wold be great. I'm not the best at managing this sort of thing and I'm just learning as I go.


Thank you.


Hey @randyvdvlag,


Just to be sure, which specific site should the searches be resolving to? I did a quick look up on Google for "Stuffers Antiques" and was directed to results for as well as a Facebook and Pintrest page for the same. So far, none of my first page results have provided any reference to an online pharmacy. 


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Hi, I'm having a similar issue right now with our site. If I type in our URL directly it goes to our site ( If I do a search in Google for our church though (The First Church of The Open Bible), we're being directed to a Viagra site ( although our url shows up in the address bar. How can this be fixed (urgent because we have services to upload/access tomorrow morning!)