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Download box popping-up when I try to go to my site

Hey all.  So I tried to venture over to my website today,, and instead of going to my site, a download window popped-up.  I tried a couple of different URLs to my site and they all resulted in the same download box.  When I logged into Go Daddy and attempted to access my site through CPanel, and the wordpress app, it did the same thing... download window.  


What's going on?

Community Manager

Hi @laratx. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Sorry to hear you were having trouble. I'm seeing the domain is forwarding to a Facebook page now. My guess would be that there was an issue with the hosting plan, but that situation could also be due to a problem with your content. If you were able to figure something out, please consider updating the thread here. Others may benefit from your experience. 


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