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Deluxe Pkg. won't allow 2 additional domains; SSL won't allow 2 additional domains

Mon. 06/18/18


Good evening. As stated above, my existing Deluxe acct. won't allow me to add two additional domains that I bought last year for a podcast. Not only that, I paid for the 5-site SSL so I'd have it available for these sites; it also won't work. 


This is what happens:

[a] I called tech support to set up the domains and install WordPress when it didn't work for me. It's not like I haven't done this before, many times. After waiting for it to promulgate, when I type in either of the new addresses [ AND], they go back to my primary site's home page - There's supposed to be a GD landing page instead. Please help me correct this.  

[b] I've installed and deleted WordPress at least 4x/for each site; right now, it has a red box saying there's an error if I open up the manage applications feature. This is version 4.96, last one issued. When installing, the TS people said that I cannot use the root directory on my server, so it winds up being a name that's way too long - in other words, it's doubled in length: DICHOTOMIES-PODCAST.COM/ Not only does that look bad, it's incorrect. I should be able to install WordPress on the same server in a different directory, i.e., the ones for those respective domains. How can I install it on the root directory? So of course, if it won't install correctly, there's no "Hello, World" showing and I can't add themes. As stated, both sites go back to my primary site if I enter their addresses. 


[c]   If you're read this much, I thank you. Finally - the SSL. When renewal time came in April, I just changed it to the 5-site license so I could cover the two additional sites. Unfortunately, they seem not to be connected, even though the TS person walked me through the process for adding them. It seems like the IP address for the two sites isn't right, but I don't know where to find the correct addresses. 


As a panacea, I've been building the sites locally using Bitnami's WAMP stack for WordPress. It helps, but where will I upload w/o a working address? I have classes 3x/wk., but if you could just send me instructions, I s/b able to tackle this over the weekend. I want them to be up and running before the month is over; it's not hard but if you can't make the URLs work right, nothing's happening. And thanks in advance for your assistance. 


God Bless, 

Ms. J. S. Butler