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Deleted Website still appers

My externally registered domain is parked on Godaddy.

Firstly it was on wordpress, later on MyBB. But the MyBB version doesnt shows up. Only i can see is Wordpress version. Even after deleting those wordpress files i am able to login, do modifications and observe them. I even tried reset the server and switch data centre. Still no luck.

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Hi @ykmahala,

could you try and rephrase the problem please? Sorry I may be missing something here.

Helper V

@ykmahala What is your domain? I would verify DNS Settings making sure your domain is pointing to the correct IP Address for your hosting account. You mentioned your Domain was parked on Godaddy. Does that mean your webhosting is with Goaddy? Should your MyBB website be the one that shows up? From what you describe it sound like your Domain is pointing to the wrong IP.