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Cant access anything after update

On May 22, I got an email from GoDaddy that my site had updated and I haven't been able to access it since. When I log into the settings part, it shows that Mysql has been spining and pending a backup since it updated, so I can't connect to the database.

I've chatted numerous times with the help center and called today and talked to someone. They told me that the platform I am on, is no longer compatible with something and to they only way to fix it is going to cost me another $60+ to get on Cpanel ( I think I'm on Linux now)

I explained to the person that I just bought another year of hosting this past March, and I have only gotten about 2 months of use from it. Since it was no fault of mine that it updated, I just don't understand how I can be charged again, on top of the year I already bought...that would be charging me twice for the same site, that I can't even access.

When I talked to the guy today, he told me that it was because  I had 'update automatically' set in Wordpress ( I don't know if I did or not, because I can't log in) and that there is nothing they can do unless I want to pay for an upgrade to cpanel or pay $90 to have them recover my site.

I paid for a full year of hosting 3 months, haven't been able to use it since May 22 and now can't access any part of it....

Sorry if this is in the wrong section or anything. I've never had to ask anything here before because I've always had great luck with GoDaddy customer service, but this time, I am at a loss.

I'm so disappointed in this


I haven't called help desk yet, but it looks like I'm facing the same problem.


I had the same problem. They wanted to charge me 70$ to get an expert. I said I don't have 70$. Luckily I thought of it myself that perhaps they could just restore a back up. This fixed it, by restoring a backup from 2 days previous. Now I live in fear of updating anything and will not update anything. Maybe one day when I will update.


Hope this helps.