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CPU high load


Question: is there possibility, to check which php file loading the system?

Story: I have problems with hosting. After moving webpage to godaddy everything worked smoothly, but after some time, started to load all CPU and RAM. Then I received, that godaddy removed some virus files. But anyway load haven't get lower. 
I manually checked source code and found some strange files and removed them, that haven't helped. Next step was to upgrade to more powerful CPU and RAM. First day load was 50% and it was great, but at the end of the day, again hosting was loaded to 100%. So the main question how can i check what exactly is loading system, maybe malware/virus or bad cod design


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Hi @amiva,


I would highly suspect the former virus has left behind some code which is 'trying to reach out there'.

You shouldn't put off buying that antivirus software! Also check security tips online for databases. Database injection is a common form of attack: