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Authentication Required pop-up


Can't access site as it suddenly shows an "Authentication Required" popup at home page and any other link in the site. it's a windows hosted site at godaddy .. Any suggestions ?


Site name:

Operating System: WINDOWS

IIS VersionIIS 7.0

.NET Version: ASP.Net 2.0/3.0/3.5

Data Center: United States


thank you 


Hey @Raek


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Seems like you might have worked this out on your own. Can you let us know what you did to resolve this in case any other members encounter similar issues on their own sites? 


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I am also having this issue -


We havent touched the code in months

I am also having the same problem at Please help.

I have the same issue. Please tell us how to solve such problem. thanks

I'm having the same problem. 😞

Hi there,


I did a minor change to an aspx file from the GoDaddy File Manager web FTP page. The change is a simple addition of an award badge.


When I save and try to see the change, the changed pages does not load at all instead I get a popup asking for "Authentication  Required" 


Tried to login but no luck whatsoever, I reverted the file back to the original and the problem still persists.


This issue had happened also earlier last year when I removed an unwanted link. When i contacted support they where able to fix the problem from the live chat support, saying it was a permission issue. But this time again when i contacted live chat it seems that the chat does not resolve issues like these. 


Any idea if I can do anything from my end to resolve this?



I found an article by Alex Rowley on WebHostingPad forum. It appears that some hosts have added additional anti-robot authentication, to combat brute force hacks of Wordpress and Google Chrome did an update that broke the Authentication popup.
The work around is to open the page in another browser, I tried IE, and the popup will have the information needed to get past the authentication. I used the information on my Chrome popup so I can continue to use Chrome.


I changed one image on and I get the authentication message on the site for all pages. the image is on all of the pages. I have not touched and that comes up fine. The site was fine before updating the image and now requires the authentication. How can I make that go away?