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530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible

Today, we are trying to access our website and are presented with a 500 - Internal Server Error

Trying to log in to FTP using FileZilla provides us with a "530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible" error message.  I also noticed that within the Control Panel, if I try to click on my site to manage it, I receive a 404 error.  Is this indicative of something bad having happened to the site? 


How can we resolve this quickly?


The site has now come back and I can log in via FTP again.  I went out for lunch, and when I returned it was working again.  Very strange.


I've been having the same problem for the last 2 days. First I got the same error code but it continued:

530 User cannot log in, login authentication failed,

Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server. I created new ftp users, changed passwords and some usernames... now I have the same error code 530 but it continues: 530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.
Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server


Is it an error from our end or what? I was logged in 30 minutes prior to receiving this error message, was uploading files with no problem.

Any help is appreciated

This still seems to be an issue with GoDaddy hosting even though this question is old. None of the suggestions worked for me. The way I ended up solving it was to manually change the folder privacy setting in File Manager...



1. In File Manager, select the folder the new ftp user needs to access.

2. Click on the Privacy icon

3. In the Privacy Popup, deselect "Inherit" and check Web Visible/Writable as needed.


Click OK and try FTP access again.

That worked for me.