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WARNING! Don't let your website expire. Expensive to restore! No discretion!

We have had our community radio hosted wordpress website cancelled.  I accept responsibility but the cause was out of my control.  Demanding payment to restore a community radio station website, Ok I get that, but not understanding why or being able to offer any help is just rubbing salt in the wounds.

It is not difficult, time consuming or labour intensive for an ADMIN to do something along the lines of what they are paid to do anyway.  So the cost of restoration in extortionate!

I have read the terms and conditions and understand that GODADDY will stick to them rigorously.

I think that the customer service agents having sales oriented motivation does not help customers who are in trouble and needing help.  

My debit card was used in a fraudulent transaction.  The bank stopped the card and issued a new one.  The new card was again used in a fraudulent transaction, again the bank issued a new one.  The lastest card was also subjected to a fraudulent transaction where my account was emptied. The debit card had only been used at a local cashpoint and to update my billing details with various organisations.  I was totally unaware that the payments had failed as the emails sent from Godaddy go into my spam inbox. 

After being informed by the bank about the latest transaction they blocked my card as I refused to have another reissued.  However, they stated it would take some days before they could recover the funds.

I contacted GoDaddy for help and all they were interested in was the Restoration fee. No matter how I explained my predicament, or that we are a Community Radio Station and a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation, we were still expected to pay a Restoration Fee in full before any action would be taken.

Terms and Conditions or not!   This is NOT great customer service is it?  The inability for such a LARGE company to not have any discretion at all is shameful and rubs salt in the wounds!


Re: WARNING! Don't let your website expire. Expensive to restore! No discretion!

Hi @Limo2005. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. 

Very sorry to hear that you've had an unpleasant experience with our support team. Quality of support is something that we take great pride in and this definitely doesn't sound like the type of experience we want customers to have. We will have your feedback forwarded on to improve how things are done. We're always looking for ways to get better and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.


A senior care agent will be reaching out to you shortly in regard to your site and getting this rectified. 

We do appreciate your patience as this is looked into. 


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