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Remove lifetime restriction on domain deals

Over the last few years, GoDaddy has taken a new approach to domain deals/coupons, limiting them to "one per customer". What they don't disclose, however, is that this restriction applies to all like-value deals. Essentially, if you take advantage of a pretty sweet $0.99 deal for a .COM domain, you'll be paying full price for all other domains going forward.


To be clear: this isn't a per-deal restriction. If you use a coupon, for example, "CJC99DEAL" that gives you a $0.99 deal on a domain, you won't be able to use "CJC99SPRING" since it too offers a $0.99 deal.


I've been a customer for 8+ years. spending thousands on hosting, domain purchases, etc and yet, there doesn't appear to be any sort of loyalty or perk for being a longtime customer. A few years back, I was publicly lauded by their social media team for the glowing remarks I made about GoDaddy and have even been sent a few odd gifts but those days appear to be long gone. GoDaddy has seemingly forgotten the relationship they built with their customers and are instead hyper-focused on eliminating any sort of real value to the average web client.


Listen: I'm not asking for free candies, merch, or anything silly. I would like to see recurring customers have access to various deals more than once-per-lifetime. I'd settle for a yearly reset.


Feel free to offer your own input.

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Re: Remove lifetime restriction on domain deals

Good points @OrbitStorm. I've been with a company during the transition of going from private to publicly traded. I've also been a part of a startup as it goes corporate and I can tell you that business transitions can be difficult. 


If seems to me that GoDaddy is revamping how they interact with their customers. A great example of outreach is this Community and the effort GoDaddy has made to support their customers. I don't think GoDaddy is there yet but I also don't think GoDaddy sees itself as there yet (wherever there is). The positive sign I see from GoDaddy is that they are trying innovative ways of customer outreach.


Great! Now I'm going to be thinking about candy all day! Thanks @OrbitStorm I'm going to see if there are some candy I can round up. 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Re: Remove lifetime restriction on domain deals

date january 13 2019 time 12:45

invoice/receipt is 1428043329

customer #[removed]

my pin is [removed]

i paid 0.88pounds for the domain

quantity of the domain is 1 domain and 1 plan,term is 1 year,price is 0.88pounds.

my order number is 1429960030

my phone number is [removed]