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Devastated by credit card fraud!!!

Hi Everyone - Im new to the forums. I have been a Godaddy client for about 4 years. I dont have many online sales from my Godaddy site. I sell through a 3rd party site mostly but the Godaddy site is worth keeping to have a web presence. 


Recently, during the month of August, I had a spike in sales. The customers were 4 people that ordered several items. Most of which I shipped. As the orders grew, I suspected suspicious activity so I held the product. I'm glad I did because it now looks like ALL of the orders were Credit Card Fraud! It added up to over $12,000!!! Now I am being hit with chargebacks from First Data. Godaddy has been no help as they point to First Data. First Date only says that I am liable. This will devastate my already struggling business. I have looked over the internet to try to find help but apparently there is none.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Devastated by credit card fraud!!!

Hi @lefty6string,


Sorry we get to meet at most upsetting circumstances. I am going to provide you with some links and I hope you can find help among the suggestions:


...and finally,


There is a lot of info there but again and again comes a common theme, file a police report ASP.


Godaddy support are quite correct in identifying that they can't be held responsible or offer legal advice, especially with a third party site ( which naming may be helpful, but in no way blaming). 

Good luck with a good resolution.



Re: Devastated by credit card fraud!!!

Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify - my issues are with my Godaddy Site. NOT the 3rd party site. This happened with Godaddy/First Data.

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Re: Devastated by credit card fraud!!!



Yes, and I am saying that godaddy are not responsible for either the security of your site, or accepted payment and shipment methods, or credit card theft or fraud. It is a risk that all online businesses have to assess, and take all reasonable precautions they can to prevent.

Online fraud is commonplace but should always be taken seriously. I recommend you file a crime report with the police, and seek legal advice possibly through the links I provided.



I sympathise with your plight.


Re: Devastated by credit card fraud!!!

Greetings @lefty6string,


What a terrible situation. However, it appears our friend @Anonymous</a> has given you a fairly accurate summary of the situation and some options.

As a victim of credit card fraud myself (clothing accounts opened in my name) I understand the feeling of violation and how upsetting it is.

You were wise to withhold shipments and maybe the authorities can work with you on those to track the perpetrators. I hope those other resources offer you some relief, as well.


Best regards,

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Re: Devastated by credit card fraud!!!

Change processors. Move to via CDG commerce. When you have your account set up, set your parameters very very high so that only good cards can get thru. We also had scammer problems - lost $900 before we caught it.