Email Essentials

Professional email

As low as

$5.99 per user/mo

On sale - Save 25%

$7.99 per user/mo when you renew 4

  • Professional email that uses your domain
  • 10 GB email storage

Online Essentials

Online Office apps & email

As low as

$10.99 per user/mo

On sale - Save 26%

$14.99 per user/mo when you renew 4

  • Web versions of Office apps (online only) Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Professional email powered by Microsoft Exchange connects email to your domain
  • 1 TB online storage

Business Premium

Office apps on 5 devices, web apps & email

As low as

$16.99 per user/mo

On sale - Save 26%

$22.99 per user/mo when you renew 4

  • Office apps installed on up to five devices
  • Web versions of Office apps (online only)
  • Professional email powered by Microsoft Exchange connects email to your domain
  • 1 TB online storage
  • Business apps: Suite of Microsoft business and productivity apps

Choose your best plan:

Choose your best plan:

Email Essentials

Online Essentials

Business Premium

Office apps Desktop for up to 5 devices
Automatic Office app upgrades
Mobile Office: Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phones
Business apps – Make your small business run better and more efficient.
1 TB secure online storage
Office Online: Web versions of Word, Excel, Teams and more
Professional email using your domain name
50 GB storage for email, contacts and calendars
Sync across all devices
Unlimited online meetings & HD video conferencing
World-class spam filtering and data security

All plans include:

Feat Office 365 Latest Updates

Get all the latest, regularly-updated Office apps

And, every time Microsoft releases a new version (currently, Office 2019), it gets delivered to you automatically, at no extra charge. No big upfront cost now. No big upgrade cost later. Just a low monthly price so you'll always have the latest version.

Your anytime, anywhere office.

Icn Office 365 Device To Work

Put your mobile device to work.

Mobile versions of Office apps are specifically designed to give you a consistent experience across all your devices. If you've got an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device, the mobile Office apps let you access, edit, share and store files just as easily as with the desktop versions.
Icn Office 365 Take Office Anywhere

Take your office anywhere. Really.

With Microsoft 365, everything's within reach because it seamlessly integrates with OneDrive, a secure cloud storage service. Store all your files and access online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Best of all, it works the same on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
Img Office Keep Files Safe

Keep files safe. In the cloud.

Hard drive crash. Email virus. Coffee spill. Stuff happens. But with 1 TB of secure online storage with OneDrive, your files are always safe and always accessible. 
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Email that works. For you.

Make a great first impression.

Show customers you mean business with official email addresses that speak volumes before you say a word. Create professional addresses — like yourname@, sales@, or support@ — that all route to your primary inbox.

Stay in the loop.

Microsoft 365 and GoDaddy keep all your devices in sync, from your laptop to your tablet to your smartphone, so you're always on the ball. Plus, shared online calendars put every team member on the very same page. 

Get worry-free migration.

Worried about transferring your email? We'll make your concerns disappear. Our experts can transfer your emails, attachments and folders whenever it's convenient for you, so there's no disruption or downtime. Learn More

New apps to grow your business.


Microsoft Bookings

Allow customers to easily schedule appointments from a customizable web page.

Microsoft Teams

A collaboration tool that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes and attachments.
Img Office 10 Employees

More than 10 employees?

Microsoft 365 gives everyone on your team the tools they need to succeed, from your professional email address and secure storage to the latest version of Office apps on up to 5 devices per user.

Don’t want the hassle of changing email platforms? Our experts can do it for you. They’ll work behind the scenes, whenever it’s convenient for you, so there’s zero downtime or disruption as we create a business email account for you.

Call (09) 975-9407 today to get a free quote from one of our Microsoft 365 experts.

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